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Cold Calling is Dead!!!!


Cold Calling is Dead!I would like to pass on some news that some of you already know and many of you will regretfully have difficulty accepting: cold calling is dead. After years of "dialling for dollars", it's hard to give up having to make 50+ calls just to find a qualified opportunity. I know it's tough: every sales person "likes" having to make over 150 calls a day just to make a sale. Who could possibly want to make only 12 calls to find a new qualified opportunity and 24 calls to find and close a deal? Oh, right... I know who...just about every sales person I have ever worked with, managed or talked too.

When I first got into sales, the "veterans" that I worked with kept saying one thing: "You want to make more sales, make more calls". Well, I cannot really blame them, because this is how they we're trained and how the "system" they worked in was set up. It worked for them. No one had taken the time to make these valued assets as efficient as possible. Many managers and companies love to manage by the numbers, but one number that stands out to me is that 50 times zero is still zero.

Therefore, with this in mind, and over a period of many years, I went through a process of trial and error to develop a system that would greatly increase this efficiency. Now, all this sounds great - we hear many things about web 2.0 and sales 2.0, and it should just happen over night? Not. When I boldly took on the challenge to bring a struggling training company, in the midst of the deepest recession in recent history, to greater success and profitability, I thought to myself: "Sure! No problem! That will be easy!" Ha! I'm still rolling my eyes thinking about my first day there. What I found was that, there were very limited resources and expertise to model this after. I had to spend hours researching and trying everything. There were many difficulties, and many, many lessons learned.

My hard work paid off. I generated a system that delivered 200% greater efficiency, 100% greater revenue. All of this while still in the middle of the recession and many of our competitors going bankrupt.

In networking with many other Vice Presidents of Sales and Marketing, I discovered that many of them where finding the same problem. They hear all these great things about web 2.0 and sales 2.0 but have not yet seen as of yet had not seen any tangible results. They did not have the luxury of time to do all the research and trial and error to find out what would work for them. Many of these business development leaders starting asking me to lunch, and then lunch became consulting opportunities, and that is what has lead to the development of inboundsales.net.

I have learned two great things from my experience: 1) how to merge sales and marketing, using web 2.0 and sales 2.0 tools, and 2) that not every company is the same. Some organizations I have worked with have gone from a sales model where the sale person is expected to "find" or, in some cases "create", the need to where they are now there are "disqualifying" there leads as quickly as possible to only deal with those that are ready to buy "today". This has lead to greater engagement of the salesperson, but has also lead to sales and marketing expense to decrease by of 60%. So not only are they selling more and making more money, but the companies I have been working with have increased profitability substantially.

If you are a small or large business that wants to grow exponentially, join me and proclaim that COLD CALLING IS DEAD! Internet marketing can help you do that and more, even more than expected, with less. Most importantly - think big. Whatever your goal is now, double it, because the Internet has the power to achieve it.

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